GTI is the exclusive marketer of products from North Star Fishing Co.'s three catcher processor vessels as well as F/T Northern Glacier and F/T Golden Fleece

Our Fleet

F/T North Star

Length: 262 ft
Crew: 58
Holding capacity: 1,160 metric tons on pallets, 150 metric tons fishmeal, 3,800 gallons fish oil

F/T Arica

Length: 186 ft
Crew: 36
Holding capacity: 300 metric tons on pallets

F/T Unimak

Length: 185 ft
Crew: 36
Holding capacity: 320 metric tons on pallets

F/T Northern Glacier

Length: 201 ft
Crew: 55
Holding capacity: 620 metric tons on pallets

F/T Golden Fleece

Length: 102 ft
Holding capacity: 196 metric tons on pallets